Pilates is the key to a strong core. Proper alignment is necessary before your  core can support you

What is Pilates?

- Intelligent exercise profound results

- Pilates is an exercise program, that helps build strength comma flexibility and develop body awareness

- Strength, flexibility, and core strength

Difference Between Pilates and Yoga?

- Pilates focuses on isolating muscles and developing core strength 

- Yoga focuses on more dynamic flow of movement. 

Pilates Barre Class

- Pilates Barre training classes use a traditional ballet barre combined with exercises utilizing small, pulsating movements in order to strengthen and lengthen muscles in targeted areas of your body. Your heart rate will go up and down depending on your effort level. These classes will help you burn calories and tighten specific muscles. 

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Pilates Reformer

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Additional Information

The pilates studio is equipped with reformers, a stability chair,   a caddillac, a ladder barrel, and other miscellaneous props. Pilates is a method of exercise that targets the core while lengthening and strengthening the muscles and focusing on postural alignment and stability. Busy Bodies offers pilates and personal training (weight training) in the same session.